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Raya Garden Condominiums is located at West Service Road, Merville, Parañque City.

One of the most crucial decisions to make when buying a home relates to location. If you get a perfect location, then rest assured that you have found a worthwhile investment. Unlike all other factors that you must check in the buying process, location is unchangeable and affects the quality of the life you will lead. You, therefore, have no option but to make sure that you choose a perfect location. One of the selling points of Raya Garden is its perfect location. This modern condominium is located nicely in a place that’s secure, and gives you an easy access to whichever place, amenities, and facilities you want. 

To start with, this condominium is located in a place where there are many schools and you won’t, therefore, have any problem choosing one for your school-going kids. Some of the nearest schools you’ll consider for your beloved kids and for yourself if you still want to climb up the academic ladder include the Learning Center Inc., Civil Aviation Training Center, Mahatma Gandhi International School, South Merville School and Tenement Elementary School among many others. All these are highly reputable schools that provide the best education in and around the Paranaque City where this modern residential property is located. Therefore, if your main interest is education facilities then you now have an amazing option that you must consider lest you live to continue searching for a perfect place to live.

Aside from schools, there are also numerous supermarkets in the area where Raya Garden sits. Shopping is a must-do activity for individuals and families. You must, therefore, ensure that the place you live gives you an easy access to the best shopping centers and supermarkets. If you choose Raya Garden as your home, you’ll be buying from some of the best supermarkets in the region that include Sunshine Plaza Mall, SM Supermarket FTI Taguig, Tropical Hut Foodmart, Robinsons Supermarket, and F.T.I. Retail Market. All these are some of the best retailers known for their wide array of stocks and supplies. Once you become a resident of Raya Garden, you’ll definitely enjoy shopping in these great centers anytime you deem fit since they will be conveniently near your home.

Hospitals and restaurants are also available in numbers at the place where this condominium is located. Hospitals include Commcare, Taguig City Hospital Complex, Barangay 201 Health Center and Air Force General Hospital. On the other hand, some of the best restaurants include Mrs. Bs Food Box, Le Delice, PNGC Restaurant and Baliwags Lechon Manok Liempo. Indeed, you have no reason not to choose Raya Garden if you been searching for a home in Paranaque City. You won’t complain of access to anything since this is a property located in a place where everything you need is conveniently available near home.

When you buy a home in a good location, you not only enjoy life but also have an easy time moving from one place to another. You need schools, hospitals, restaurants, shopping centers and government facilities. As already demonstrated, Raya Garden is located in a place where all these things are available. In fact, it is the best place for someone looking for a place to buy a permanent home. Therefore, stop the search now, and begin the process of owning your dream home at the beautiful Raya Garden Condominium in Paranaque City.


  • Civil Aviation Training Center - 0.27 km
  • Tenement Elementary School - 0.54 km
  • Mahatma Gandhi International School - 0.81 km
  • South Merville School - 1.16 km
  • The Learning Center Inc. - 1.26 km


  • Taguig City Hospital Complex - 0.54 km
  • Taguig City Hospital Complex - 0.56 km
  • Barangay 201 Health Center - 0.62 km
  • Commcare - 1.24 km
  • Air Force General Hospital - 1.96 km


  • Tropical Hut Foodmart - 0.73 km
  • Sunshine Plaza Mall - 0.74 km
  • Robinsons Supermarket - 0.81 km
  • F. T. I. Retail Market - 1.22 km
  • SM Supermarket FTI Taguig - 1.75 km


  • Le Delice - 1.47 km
  • Baliwags Lechon Manok Liempo - 1.63 km
  • PNGC Restaurant - 1.73 km
  • Mrs. Bs Food Box - 1.78 km
  • Food Box - 1.78 km
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