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With more than half of the total space allocated to recreational facilities, garden and pools, Raya Garden comes second to none when it comes to features and amenities. Living in such a place is not only comfortable but saves you the cost you would incur going to spend holidays elsewhere. Indoors, you’ll enjoy beautiful and relaxing environment while outdoor will be giving you whatever you need to maximize your leisure time.

Amazingly, this residential property in Paranaque city has the best amenities for both adults and kids. It is, therefore, the best for families especially those looking for a permanent residential place.

Outdoor amenities you’ll enjoy once you reside at Raya Garden include but not limited to basketball court, kiddie playground, salon and spa, clubhouse, lotus pond, bridge walkway, infinity pool, multi-purpose hall, convenience store, TV lounge, Balinese garden, and commercial establishments among others. All these will enhance your living and offer you the comfort you need at home especially during weekends and holidays when you are home with family. In fact, as already said, the amenities available are more than you need, and you won’t again worry about taking kids and family out for leisure. 

Unit types at this modern condominium include 2 and 3 bedrooms bare units, semi furnished and fully-furnished rooms. All these are spread across a mix of two 15-storey high-rise towers, and three 5-storey midrise condos. Water features and Balinese gardens also make up the property hence making it the most beautiful in the region. In fact, you’ll always feel like going on a holiday home every day once you become a resident of this amazing place. Another reason that makes it even the best among all other residential developments in the region is the fact that space is distributed efficiently and functionally. Indeed, this is a perfect place to get a permanent home if you’ve been searching for one in Paranaque City.

Being a superior property in the region, Raya Garden enjoys top security on a 24-hour basis. There is a guarded main entrance, and electric perimeter fence for maximum security. Furthermore, there are garbage collection facilities, individual mailboxes, and a backup generator. What else will you need to enjoy comfort, convenience, security and peace of mind? Obviously there’s none and that’s why you should act now before all the units are taken up by other home buyers looking for an opportunity to own a home. 

Features and amenities make a home and directly affect the lifestyle you’ll lead. If you want comfort, top security, and peace of mind, you have no other option but to carefully choose a home that has all the essential amenities and unit features. You must have noted that Raya Garden has more than what you need regarding features and amenities. Therefore, act now and get your dream home at this modern condominium before it gets too late for you to acquire your dream home.

  • Clubhouse
  • Main Entrance Gate
  • Function Hall
  • Lap Pool
  • Basketball Court
  • Fitness Gym
  • Koi Pond
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